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    Scenes from local hikes and the ceremony site - bluest, clear skies and a brilliant display of fall foliage - it was magical...Click on image for full photo.

Getting Ready

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    The day started with a calm sun-rise walk with two friends, and then it was hair, make-up, dress, veil, and GO!!!...Click on image for full photo.


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    Before and after the ceremony, we had the chance to have some alone time (albeit with the photographer). Still, even with everyone in view, we were in our own world with only the two of us...Click on image for full photo.


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    We had the perfect clear day under the majesty of the mountains to take our matrimonial oath, witnessed by our loved ones. The ceremony included elements from Thai water blessing and string tying traditions, along with our personally written vows...Click on image for full photo.


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    Zach's Cabin was the perfect, peaceful and picturesque setting for an intimate luncheon. Highlights included a simultaneous champagne corking before the first toast, and the cake was a scrumptious finale...Click on image for full photo.

Friends & Family

  • Nick_n_erin
    All the extraordinary people in our lives who could be with us - from our childhood to our days in Peace Corps...Click on image for full photo.

Scenes Misc.

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    Pictures from the rehearsal dinner and other weekend activities. Good times...Click on image for full photo.